Aresco's is a short documentary that follows the night shift at a Connecticut bodega. The film chronicles the humorous and touching interactions between customers and the shopkeeper, Saifullah "Ali" Khan.
My original intention going into this project was to focus on the shopkeeper Ali, using his work at the bodega as a launching point for a film about his life and experience in America. As filming progressed, however, my attention was continually drawn to the interactions between Ali and the customers, and it quickly became clear that there was something in these moments that was genuine. The bodega became the axis around which the film revolved, with Ali acting as a conduit for action rather than the sole focus of the film.
Official Selection - Doc London Documentary Film Festival 2023
Official Selection - Toronto Arthouse Film Festival 2022
Official Selection - Kansas City Underground Film Festival 2022
Short Documentary Runner-Up - Outer Docs Film Festival 2019